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Rainbow Trout Fishing Locations on the Kenai River, Alaska

on the world-famous Kenai River
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Drift Away fishing focuses on the middle Kenai, which starts at Skilak Lake and ends at Soldotna Bridge (approx. 29 river miles).  This section tends to hold the best rainbow trout fishing opportunities in the entire Kenai River system.  Typically the biggest rainbow trout on the Kenai River are caught among this 29-mile stretch.  Since trout are migratory creatures, we start at one of the many river access points depending on the time of year and where the fishing is the best.

"Upon booking a Kenai River rainbow trout fishing adventure we will tell you
which boat launch to meet us at and give you directions to it.

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Map of the middle Kenai River from Skilak Lake to the Soldotna Bridge 

Middle Kenai

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Why is this section of river so productive for rainbow trout?  Many red salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, and king salmon spawn in this stretch, which rainbow trout thrive upon. Also there are lodges up and down the riverbanks that fillet salmon and throw the carcasses into the river,  so throughout the summer these trout are supplied with ample amounts of food (eggs and flesh) floating down the middle Kenai River.

Among the benefits of fat, happy trout, the other plus of having 29 miles of river to play with is the ability to move away from other anglers to catch fish in peace and tranquility

Fishing in the Upper Kenai River is also available upon request.

We hold 9 permits to fish in the the Kenai Wildlife Refuge. No motorized transport is allowed in the refuge so these are drift boat only trips.

 Map of the Upper Kenai River : Cooper Landing to Skilak Lake

Middle Kenai

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Mailing Address: Alaska Drift Away Fishing, PO BOX 652, Sterling, AK 99672, USA

Physical Address: 35930 Janota Circle, Soldotna, AK 99669, USA

Trip Departures Address: Izaac Walton State Park Boat Launch Sterling, AK 99672, USA