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A Beautiful Trophy Kenai River Rainbow 29″ x 18.5″

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35″ Trophy Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Alaska rainbow trout fishing is second to none when anglers seek catching wild, native trout in an unforgettable landscape. The accessibility and sheer size of rainbow trout on the Kenai River make this a top destination amongst many options.

The Kenai River’s environment is exceptionally hospitable for producing some of the fattest rainbow trout on the planet. Robust salmon runs, anglers fishing for salmon, and an overall mellow current create this successful formula. Kenai rainbow trout prefer salmon eggs and carcass for its high protein content. During the fall when salmon are spawning trout key in on the eggs and later on the carcasses of the spawned-out dead salmon. However, during the summer, red salmon anglers line the banks of the Kenai to fill the freezer with these delicious fish. Unwanted egg skeins and carcasses are thrown back into the river where hungry trout devour this plentiful food source. Combine these two major feeding times with an easy to manage current and you get great fishing for fat trout most of the summer.

Alaska rainbow trout have an insatiable appetite and the bows’ found on the Kenai are no different, maybe fatter though. 10-pound rainbow trout are not uncommon, and when the planets align opportunities at several trout over 10 pounds in a day is possible! True monsters over 20 pounds have been landed and stories of trout exceeding 40 inches and 30 pounds exist. The guides of Drift Away are experts at putting you on the trophy rainbow trout of your dreams while preserving and respecting this incredible resource of wild, native fish.

Battling a true Kenai River trophy rainbow trout will challenge the most experienced angler. Whether your passion is fly fishing or spin fishing we have the techniques and locations to set you up with the best Alaska guided fishing trip of a lifetime!

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