FAQs From Our Kenai River Trout Fishing Guides

Where can I fly fish in Alaska?
With over 9,000 rivers and 3 million lakes, Alaska offers near infinite fly fishing possibilities. One of the most accessible and famous is the world renowned Kenai River located on the Kenai Peninsula.
Where is the best trout fishing in Alaska?
The Kenai River is the best roadside fishery in the world and boosts rainbow trout with the largest girth. Western Alaska is also home to fantastic trout fishing, but is only accessible by plane or boat. The majority of anglers stay at remote fly in lodges.
Where does the Kenai river start?
The Kenai River starts in Cooper Landing flowing 17 miles into Skilak Lake. The 29.5 mile long stretch from Skilak Lake outlet to the Sterling Highway bridge is known as the Middle Kenai River. This is where the Middle Kenai transitions into the Lower Kenai running for an additional 21 miles before emptying into the Cook Inlet.
What kind of trout are in Alaska?
Rainbow, steelhead, and cutthroat are the three types of trout found in Alaska. Lake trout are present as well, but are actually in the char family.
What is the difference between rainbow trout and steelhead trout?
The biggest difference between rainbow and steelhead is steelhead are anadromous. Anadromous fish are born in freshwater, spend most of their life in the ocean and return back to freshwater to spawn. While rainbow trout, however highly migratory, spend their entire life in freshwater.
What is a good size rainbow trout?
That answer will depend upon the individual body of water. For instance, the Kenai River in Alaska averages rainbow trout between 18” – 22” with many exceeding 25”.
What is a trophy rainbow trout?
That answer will depend upon the individual body of water. For instance, on the world famous Kenai River, a rainbow trout is considered a trophy over 25”.
Can you keep rainbow trout in Alaska?
The majority of rivers in Alaska are home to native rainbow trout where catch and release practices are strictly enforced. The lakes, however, usually allow retention of trout. Always check local regulations before attempting to keep any type of fish.
How do you attract rainbow trout?
Rainbow trout are sight feeders, each water system has its own food source. For example, rainbow trout in the Kenai River in Alaska primarily feed on salmon eggs and salmon flesh. They will also prey on smolt and insects.
What is the best bait for rainbow trout?
The key to catching rainbow trout is “matching the hatch”. For example, rainbow trout in the Kenai River in Alaska prefer egg and flesh patterns. Swinging streamers or dead drifting nymphs will also produce results.
What do rainbow trout eat?
Many rivers trout feed on insects and smaller fish. If salmon are present rainbow trout aggressively seek out spawning salmon to feed on eggs and once the salmon have spawned and died, trout will feed on the carcasses.