Fly Fishing for Alaska Rainbow Trout

on the World Famous Kenai River…

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Rainbow trout in Alaska’s iconic Kenai River are beasts. Genetics, environment, and diet are the reason fly fishing anglers from all over the world descend upon the Kenai River in hopes of tying into one of these fabled fish. Fly fishing for Alaska rainbow trout on the Kenai River is an angler’s dream come true offering the experience of a lifetime.

Each summer millions of salmon return to the rivers of Alaska to spawn. The eggs and carcass from spawning salmon provide an incredible protein-packed food source. Rainbow trout gorge themselves on this ample food supply naturally growing to trophy size. 10lb Kenai bows are not uncommon, especially when the planets align, tangling with these fish is a daily occurrence! 15lb+ megalodon trout inhabit the Kenai and when hooked the shot of adrenaline anglers receive is second to none. The high probability of hooking a native, giant rainbow trout is what keeps our clients returning year after year.

Fly fishing for Alaska rainbow trout will challenge even the most seasoned anglers. The guides of Drift Away come equipped with top of the line fly rods and reels. Matching the hatch is just as important here as it is anywhere else. We primarily present egg and flesh patterns drifted with an indicator. Certain times of the year we swing streamers, which is our favorite way to target trout. Kenai rainbow trout are incredibly picky, in order to keep our guests on big bows we always design and make our own patterns. The combination of gear, custom patterns, and several decades of knowledge will provide you the most exciting and rewarding guided fishing trip possible.

Alaska is a perfect, plentiful habitat for these beautiful fish, and we want to keep it that way. The guides of Drift Away are experts at putting you on trophy rainbow trout while preserving and respecting this precious resource. We want to sustain a healthy, native population of rainbow trout in Alaska’s amazing Kenai River.

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